Rich & Cathy Costanza

Pastor Rich, our Lead Pastor, holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. Rich and his wife Cathy have made CrossRoads their church home since 1996! They are blessed to have 4 married children, a few grandkids, and one son still at home, Elijah.  Rich and Cathy love to see people learn, grow, and connect both with God and with each other.


Angel Castro

Angel Castro has been the Youth Director at CrossRoads since 2023. He has been an active volunteer in our youth ministry and has a desire to help others grow in their relationship with Christ. Beyond serving with the youth, Angel has been involved in our children's ministry, custodial department, young adult ministry, and several special events over the years. Angel and his wife, Kayla, have been married since 2017 and have four children, Malakai, Amaya, Tiny (Ariella), and Keziah. They are also expecting their fifth child, Isaiah, in January!  

Linda Simms

Linda is one of our Kid's Directors at CrossRoads. She has two children and two grandchildren. She has been involved in various kids' ministries for the past 40 years, mainly working in Christian schools, and has a master's in elementary education. Linda believes in the importance of introducing children to the love of Jesus at a young age and building on that firm foundation.

Brianna Bullock

Brianna is one of our Kid's Directors at CrossRoads. She is married to Ethan and has three amazing kids, with a fourth due in August. Bri and Ethan have a heart to serve and help others in their relationship with the Lord. Their desire is for the gospel to be available to everyone. They also lead a young married small group where they help couples build a strong foundation on Christ! 

Caleb Mobile

Caleb is the Technical Director at CrossRoads and oversees all things audio, video, and lighting. Caleb and his wife Laurie have been members of Crossroads since 2021. Caleb feels incredibly blessed to use the skills God equipped him with over the last six years in the film and production industry to serve at Crossroads. He has a passion for missions, surfing, and fishing.


Cody Holland

Cody Holland is the Outreach and Spiritual Formations Director, which includes getting out into the community and connecting people with our church. He started attending CrossRoads in 2012 and served in the Deaf Ministry, which he now leads. Cody and his wife Michele have three young children, two dogs, fish, and a tortoise. Cody loves building relationships with others and seeing them grow in Christ! 

DJ Lonergan

DJ is the Manager of the Crossroads CoffeeHouse. He has been in the food service/hospitality business since his teenage years. CrossRoads was the first Church that he and his wife Ceely Ann, visited when they moved to Daytona in 2020, and they became members shortly after that. He has volunteered in Children’s and Drama Ministries for over 20 years. DJ enjoys meeting new friends - young or old - through the ministry of the CoffeeHouse.



Vickie Allen

Vickie is the clerical assistant to our Senior Assistant Pastor. She has been a member of CrossRoads since 2015. Vickie has a heart for serving and loves volunteering in various church areas. You can see her at the welcome desk on Sunday mornings and teaching preschoolers in our Kid’s Ministry. Vickie also teaches a women’s small group on Monday nights. Vickie uses her gifts to show the love of the Lord in everything she does.

Tracy Nipper

Tracy is a part of the Finance Department and assists with accounting and purchase orders. Tracy has been a member of Crossroads since 2012. She has volunteered with the Youth ministry for the last nine years and helps lead a Life Group with her husband, Neil. Tracy has a heart for people and loves serving the Lord. She is always there to share the Love of Jesus with those around her.

Mindy Smith

Mindy has been an excellent addition to our accounting department at CrossRoads. She has been a member of Crossroads for several years. At the beginning of 2022, Mindy began praying for God to use her gifts and for an opportunity to serve Him. She was very excited when her prayers were answered and presented with the opportunity to become part of the staff. Her kind spirit and heart to help and serve others radiates the love of Christ.


Frankie Bascomb

Frankie started as a volunteer at CrossRoads and has worked on the custodial staff for almost a year. Frankie has a genuine love for Jesus and others, evidenced by her passion for learning the Bible, her love for serving the Lord in all she does, and being a help to people in any way she can. She is a proud wife of a veteran and mother to a lovely daughter. 

Kaysha Raab

Kaysha works on the Maintenance at CrossRoads. She has a gift for fixing anything that needs it. She studied at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where she became an Aircraft Mechanic. After graduating, she worked on WWI, WWII, Korean, and Vietnam war era aircraft, guns, tanks, and other machines. Kaysha met her husband, Adam, at Riddle, and they got married in 2011. They have four children, Karigan, Savannah, Dakota, and Joseph, and two dogs, Netta and Luna.

Kathy Steele

Kathy a Custodian at CrossRoads. Kathy first started coming to CrossRoads in 2016, and she joined the church shortly after. There is nothing that Kathy will not do. She has a heart to serve the Lord no matter how small the task. The property at CrossRoads is kept clean and sanitary thanks to Kathy's service.

Sharen Hall

Sharen works for our custodial and maintenance department at CrossRoads. She started as a volunteer for several years, cleaning and maintaining our property. Sharen is a long-time part of CorssRoads and still actively volunteers in a variety of ministries. Outside of CrossRoads, she enjoys visiting family and friends, cooking, gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren.