Dan & Deniece Proctor

Pastor Dan is the Lead Pastor at CrossRoads Church and has served in that capacity since 1989. Pastor Dan led the church out of 3.5 million dollars in debt and has caused the church to thrive. His wife Deniece also works on staff as his assistant, and they both have servants' hearts. They give of themselves so that others can experience God's love. The ministry at CrossRoads would not be what it is today without Pastor Dan's leadership.

Rich & Cathy Costanza

Pastor Rich is the Connections Pastor, and his wife Cathy oversees the church finances. Cathy has a B.A. in Accounting and Rich a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. CrossRoads has been their church since 1996! They are blessed to have 4 married children, a few grandkids, and one son still at home, Elijah.  Rich and Cathy love to see people learn, grow, and connect both with God and with each other.

Clayton & Elena Proctor

Clayton serves as the Youth, Worship, and Missions Pastor. Clayton and Elena both love working with students, have a heart to lead people in worship of our Savior Jesus Christ, and possess a passion to reach the unreached people groups of the world. Their desire is to point people to Jesus because He is the One who changes lives!

Collin Clark

Collin is the Technical Director at CrossRoads. He oversees all things audio, video, and lighting. He also helps make the setlist for Sunday mornings and make sure the service flows. He has been attending crossroads since 2010. Collin graduated with his AA in music production from Daytona State College and loves to use his schooling to serve God and connect people to Him through the arts. You can find Collin working hard all week long doing what he can to lead people to Jesus.

Adam Levy

Adam is over our college and young adult ministry called the Gathering. Adam and his wife Monica started leading the Gathering in 2018 and they both have a desire to help young adults become faithful followers of Jesus. You can typically find Adam with a cup of coffee in his hand because it falls to third on his list of loves — behind God and other people.

Monica Levy

Monica is the Graphics Designer at CrossRoads, but she also sings on the church Worship Team and leads the Gathering with her husband Adam. Ever since coming on staff in 2014, Monica has shown herself to be a diligent worker who puts the highest quality into her work and a caring person with a heart for people! From her graphics work, to the small group she leads, to her worship singing, Monica does everything for God's glory.

Greg Goss

Greg is often found helping in the maintennace and custodial areas, serving as volunteer most days. Greg has a heart to serve. In addition to volunteering for outreach events, Greg volunteers his time by driving a shuttle bus every week to give those who cannot drive themselves the ability to come to church.

Bill Schulz

Bill is the Security Director as well as a huge asset to the maintenance team as a volunteer at CrossRoads. Bill has a tremendous heart to give of himself; he volunteers over twenty-five hours a week in order to oversee security, assist in the maintenance of the property and lead our usher teams. Bill believes that Jesus changes lives, and so he strives to make sure that nothing on the property detracts from the good news of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan Schultz

Although Jonathan's official title is Facilities Director, he does so much more than that. Every week he serves as an usher for all three of our Sunday morning services and he works with our Security Director in order to ensure the safety of every person who comes to the CrossRoads' campus. Jonathan desires to use his time and energy to reach people with the gospel of Christ.

Kathy Steele

Kathy is the Custodian at CrossRoads. Kathy first started coming to CrossRoads in 2016, and she joined the church shortly after. There is nothing that Kathy will not do. She has a heart to serve the Lord no matter how small the task. The property at CrossRoads is kept clean and sanitary thanks to Kathy's service.