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Gabrielle deVisch Eubergo

“I am ready to stop refusing and ready to accept God. I have just become a single mother of my 3 babies (3, 5, and 4 years old). To give me the strength to not let financials rule my thoughts with negativity as I figure out life in nursing school.”

Posted 11/25/20

Frances Reddick

“Kristy Maggard in hospital. Steve Erwin cancer. Wanda Hogan cancer."

Posted 11/25/20

Koralee Sanford

“My mom – Judy Erickson – She’s suffering with Alzheimer’s and COVID-19.”

Posted 11/25/20

Maeme Breihan

“Giving thanks for God’s blessing for Thanksgiving and family and for the love of people in our lives. Giving thanks for God’s presence during Carl’s surgery and allowing a successful procedure. We are grateful for all God’s blessings and may it be small or big… God’s love is all around us.”

Posted 11/25/20

Melissa Forsyth

“Please pray for my mother Marshan Rice and her health. Please pray for myself and my medical as well as personal struggles.”

Posted 11/25/20

Scott Hallock

“(1) Our nation and the election. (2) Our son Logan – personal request and for God’s will to be done. (3) Our son Robby and the Intervarsity ministry on college campuses. That God will bless and use him to reach the lost. (4) Our president and political leaders to stand for truth and right and that they will have God’s protection, wisdom, and integrity.

Posted 11/16/20

Norene Eddy

“The daughter (Susie) of my sister and brother-in-law Pat and John has been in ICU for over 2 weeks. They will pull the plug today and she’s special to me. My heart aches.”

Posted 11/16/20

David Rivera

Please pray for David. He has COVID.

Posted 11/6/20

Maeme Breihan

"Praying for God's strength to help me and my family cope in the tragic death of our son Marcus. His 40th birthday would have been today, November 2. We are still grieving and missing him. I am not sure if I found closure or not, but I know my turst and faith in Jesus will guide me to teach me to cope and forgive."

Posted 11/2/20

Olivia Shirey

"Please pray for my husband David Shirey who was just diagnosed with an aggressive colon cancer. Because of that he is not able to work at his job as a flight instructor. Quimo and radiation will start soon and then surgery and more quimo."

Posted 10/26/20

Peggy Vinciulla

"My husband (Ron) was exposed to a person who tested positive for COVD19 this past Thursday. My husband is one of those who are at high risk. Please pray to God that we do not get it or that we make it through the virus. All prayers are greatly appreciated."

Posted 10/19/20